Monuments in Ruin - Episode201 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin - Episode201 (music podcast)

This week Monuments in Ruin jumps into the time machine for an adventure with some experimental jams lurking in the dusty corners of Foreverville. Never to be forgotten, always to be awkward, fun to play at parties and stacked with riffs, good times and questionable lyrics. New episodes every Monday as part of the Trendkill Radio Network.

Originally aired on on March 28th, 2022.
Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network. 

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 201 Intro
(01:21) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
(04:56) Pete Drake – The Spook
(07:10) Can – Little Star of Bethlehem
(14:52) The Pretty Things – Baron Saturday
(18:52) MC5 – Let Me Try
(22:58) Rikki Ililonga – Dark Sunrise
(31:14) The Fugs – Cia Man
(36:16) The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death
(38:49) Jake Holmes – Dazed and Confused
(42:43) Dennis Wilson – Dreamer
(47:01) Witch – Lazy Bones
(50:56) Felt – Wolrd 

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