Monuments in Ruin - Episode207 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin - Episode207 (music podcast)

Tribute, plagiarism, respect, copycat, however you may feel about bands performing songs they did not write, the fact is, it has been common practice since the beginning and there are tons of great artists who have dipped their toe in those waters. Musicians often kick around the garage jamming our favorite riffs and learning the skills from our masters. This episode is dedicated to the kid inside us all and features many of those who have become masters showing respect to others who have inspired them.

Produced and edited by Bobby Rayfield for May 9th, 2022 broadcast on the TrendKill Radio Network.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin - Episode 207 Intro
(00:35) Sepultura - The Hunt (New Model Army)
(05:20) Biohazard - After Forever (Black Sabbath)
(10:55) Motorhead - Ramones (Motorhead)
(12:18) Voivod - Astronomy Divine (Pink Floyd)
(17:49) Slayer and Ice-T - Disorder (Slayer and Ice-T)
(22:43) Opeth - Would? (Alice in Chains)
(26:18) Dead Cross - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus)
(31:41) Infectious Grooves - Fame (David Bowie)
(36:25) Inter Arma - Scarcrow (Ministry)
(43:06) Ministry - Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)
(47:32) Testament - Powerslave (Iron Maiden)
(55:04) Sepultura - Orgasmatron (Motorhead)
(59:30) Monuments in Ruin - Episode 207 Outro

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