Monuments in Ruin - Episode223 (music podcast)


This week our episode takes into a haze of heavy music that twists in genre and bends sound to work magic. Mixing some straight heaviness and a little obscure sound experimentation, well, that's another day at the office for these artists, right? Let's dig in to Monuments in Ruin Episode 223!

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 223 Intro
(00:39) Stonefront - The Fate I Can't Handle
(04:33) Mamaleek - Boiler Room
(11:08) Les Rallizes Denudes - OZ Days
(12:37) Devil Master - Acid Black Mass
(16:54) Birds In Row - Water Wings
(20:31) Asunojokeo - Heavenward
(25:08) Messa - Dark Horse
(33:34) Candy - Human Condition Above Human Opinion
(36:13) Helms Alee - See Sights Smell Smells
(38:57) Cave In - New Reality
(43:36) Deathcrash - Sundown
(51:22) Imelda Marcos - Year of Contortion
(56:35) Thou - View of a Burning City
(59:30) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 223 Outro

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