Monuments in Ruin - Episode232 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin - Episode232 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin - Episode232 (music podcast)

How many songs can you think of that are also someone else’s band name or album title? Last week we chose our own adventure. This week we are going to follow the breadcrumbs and see where they lead us. Each artist, song or album title featured here has a few links in the chain that could take our track list toward any genre, so long as they share a name. Get ready to play the Name Game on episode 232 of Monuments in Ruin.

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(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 232 Intro
(01:41) House of Pain - Jump Around
(06:26) Van Halen - House of Pain
(09:37) Aaron Daniel Jacob - Funhouse
(10:41) The Stooges - Dirt
(17:38) Alice in Chains - God Smack
(27:30) Pantera - Cemetery Gates
(34:25) The Smiths - Cemetery Gates
(36:57) Richard Gibbs and Johnathan Davis - The Queen Is Dead
(44:40) Nine Inch Nails - Closer
(50:52) Joy Division - Colony
(57:44) Colony - Syringe
(59:59) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 232 Outro

Do the seasons changing effect your music listening choices?

~  Yes. I tend to shuffle certain albums into my listening schedule as seasons change.
~ No. I can't think of any albums that are seasonal. 

Q: Can you name a song title that shares an album title or band name from another artist?

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MIR 232 notes

House of pain 1992:  I remember when this album was first released. It was impossible to go anywhere without this track playing and that went on for years. This record, n its entirety, is a really enjoyable listen. Later the world would be introduced to Everlast as a solo artist and he would land another tune on the charts that made a consistent player for years to follow. Two for two in two completely different genres. Pretty cool. Jump around kind of calls out the show theme by title so we started here. Everything we plan to hear has a name connected. Either the band name, song title or album title. We are kicking out next set off with the second part linked in this two-part chain. This is Van Halen with, you guessed it, House of Pain.


Van Halen 1984: After almost 40 years have passed and Van Halen with David Lee Roth are basically unstoppable. The Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony rhythm section is so tight that they could probably hold their own without anyone else present. Lucky for us, we get to see the added push of Eddie Van Halen out there with his legendary guitar ability and then David Lee Roth, the ultimate in ego and personification of front man style, puts the icing on that cake. Extra sweet, ya dig? That last groove of the song as it fades out is so cool.


Side note: You may or may not be thankful I went the Van Halen route. We could have walked into Faster Pussycat territory with the track title House of Pain. I debated it but that tune is pretty sappy. In comparison to can Halen, well there’s no comparison, really. Good tune though.  


Aaron Daniel Jacob 2013: I have zero info on Aaron Daniel Jacob. This is where my research took me. Quote, “He is best known for his work in Disney Television Animation shows. For Phineas and Ferb, he sang some songs.” End quote. Hahaha!!  


Stooges 1970: The early Stooges records are superb. If you somehow overlooked the self-titled or funhouse albums in your musical adventures, this is the universe telling you to grab them both. Easily some of the best, long-lasting rock and roll albums one can own. If you are a fan of Turbonegro you might have even caught their lyric is “What is Rock?’ that states “Historians keep nagging about Fun House, but me? I think Kill City is where it's at.” That lyric always cracked me up but also runs though my head every time I see either record. Jump over to our web page and grab the Import pressing of Fun House while it’s stull in stock! We may still have the Self-Titled too.


Alice in Chains 1992: Dirt may be one of the greatest albums released in its day. Song for song, everything on it is all killer, no filler. So true is that, in my opinion, this song, God Smack, is my least favorite track on the entire record and it’s still so darn good it makes me sick. The whole record is basically about drug addiction and almost serves as an epitaph to the lives of Lane Staley and so many others would dare step into the dark world of heroin. Lane was a beautiful lyric writer. Some of his poetry, which is what I consider all of these lyrics to be, still give me cold chills when I hear them. This is one of those records that land in my all-time greatest list. Even saying this feels short of the praise it deserves.


Adding on to the chain we could have gone to Godsmack the band with their track Shine Down. Then Shine Down the band with their track Second Chance. That seemed a little too far into the no-fly zone for my listening preferences in the Nu-metal zone so I reevaluated. Then I debated Godsmack the band with the song Bad Religion into Bad Religion the band with the song Broken. Then we could jump to Broken the song by Pantera which is a killer of a tune. Ultimately, I could not bring myself to play Godsmack the band while maintaining my integrity, so we are jumping straight to Pantera and starting a new chain. Hahaha This track is call Cemetery Gates.


Pantera 1990: This is the beginning of what everyone refers to as Pantera. Though they had an album or two previous to this, Cowboys from Hell was like the flip of a switch for the band. At times the voice still has a bit of 80’s era metal style but the music would eventually get even heavier that this and the voice would get a bit more ruff around the edges. To quote one of their later lyrics, the band would become Stronger Than All. These days I’ll occasionally see someone try to poke fun at a fan of the band or the band themselves. As I say with all who attempt such a declaration, let me hear your album that is better. These record kick face and there is no way to describe how much happier the early 90’s metal world was with Pantera in it unless you were there.  There are some seriously pipes going on toward the end where Phil is battling the guitar swells. One of the guitar greats, Diamond Darrell who would later go by Dimebag Darrell and the rest following this is heavy metal history. We know there is a sad story directly around the corner but let’s save that for another day.


Smiths 1986: Speaking of sad stories, here we have Morrisey crying out about his happiness being so damn unbearable that we should go to the cemetery gates and walk around on a sunny day and think about how unfair life is. Haha! I often joke about fans of the Cre not surviving in the world because of their depression. It’s a joke I love to tell as a fan of the band. However, The Smiths really fit this joke a bit better with the lyric, “A dreaded sunny day, so let's go where we're happy and I meet you at the cemetry gates.” Cracks me up.


Queen of the Damned 2002: For some reason I don’t remember being a fan of this film because I do remember the discussion of not being a fan of the film. Having said that, I specifically remember the title and the conversation with a friend about it but the film it’s self has completely slipped my memory as I’m putting this track here. Was it so bad I have blocked it from my mind? Maybe I have it confused with another? Who knows. Anyway, this tune is solid and that’s enough for it to make the cut today. That and the title matches the Smiths album.  


NIN 1994: Trent Reznor was clearly one of the innovators of the industrial genre and helped place it in a position for more listeners to discover the genre. They may be the most well known to do that for the genre. Clearly not the only ones but they were elevated by the public, for sure. It always surprised me that they would play this video on the MTV rotation. Edited or not, it was pretty crude. The video though, I think it was awesome. All types of creepy imagery and the way it was filmed was neat. That probably helped mask a little of the vulgar nature of the tune, even if it was only a slight mask. Well done all around.


Joy Division 1980: This is another record that often gets shuffled through my library. Buy it, sell it, buy it again, sell it again. There are days where I never want to hear this album again, then the seasons change, and I find myself giving it another chance. I’m not sure if the ice needs to be melting for me to enjoy it or if there must be a blanket of dead leaves over the yard. Either way, it’s funny to me how drastic and bipolar I can be with this band. Totally true. I guess that’s the power of the bands writing that keeps me coming back, even when I’m in full denial.


Colony 2013: This is a totally new discovery for me. Even though they have been around for a while, it was a pleasant surprise to find this group. I can see myself digging further into this very soon. Slow, mean, and perfect for a cold evening. The heavy, moody, and slow riffs are something I can always get behind. Then they pick up the pace but not too fast. It’s nice and heavy. Hope to find more from them soon!

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