Monuments in Ruin - Episode233 Part Two (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin - Episode233 Part Two (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin – Episode 233 Part Two (music podcast)

This week we are reliving an adventure experienced in 2004 when a small group of friends spent our Thanksgiving holiday weekend driving all along the east coast watching some of our favorite bands perform. Part two picks up our adventure where we left off. We finally made in to New Jersey and we are settling in to our new northern atmosphere. Tune in and travel along the remainder of our adventure on episode 233 of Monuments in Ruin! 

Philadelphia pa Cleveland Tn (10 hrs 41 mins @ 708 miles) 

Total Miles Driven: 1,605 / Total Hours in the Car: 25 Hrs 45 Mins.

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(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 233 Part Two Intro
(00:39) Rush - Closer to the Heart
(08:46) Neurosis - Left To Wander
(16:49) Neurosis and Jarboe - Receive
(23:14) Neurosis and Jarboe - In Harm's Way
(29:44) Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm
(47:31) Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee
(50:46) Grails - The Volunteer
(01:01:33) Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere
(01:03:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 233 Part Two Outro

Do you avoid concerts that land on a holiday?

~  Yes. Aside from the crazy traffic, my holiday time is usually spent with family.
~ No. I have free time on my hands and am happy to go out and enjoy live music. 

Q: If you could revisit any concert you have seen, which would you like to experience again? 

Philadelphia pa Cleveland Tn (10 hrs 41 mins @ 708 miles)

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MIR 233 part two notes 

Rush 1977 – I think the theme of this song fits with the Dead Kennedys tune and we have already heard from Clutch.

So, we finally get to New Jersey, and we land in Bellmawr and realize, “We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto” as one might say. This is bizarro world for us. The gas pumps are full service, no one seems to speak in a friendly way anymore and every question is answered like you just ruined their day. First, we stop at the as station not realizing by pulling to the pump, we are signaling for the full-service folks to fill the tank. They yell out, “Need gas?!?!” We ask where Spring Street is. “Is it is Bellmawr?” We don’t know. “Need gas???” No. We need Spring Street. It was a terrible interaction and horrible first impression of where we had landed. We laughed and drove down the road to find a pay phone. Remember those kids? We found a restaurant. The lady immediately said, “You are not from this area are you?” we laughed, ordered a couple waters, asked about spring street “Is it in Bellwar?” and realized they had no phone so we tipped the nice lady anyway and ventured on down the road to this creepy auto store that was closed and stacked with junk everywhere. They had a payphone though!  Finally, a few blocks over we get to meet Uncle John who states he has just quit smoking but doesn’t mind if we smoke in the house. An hour later he is sending the boys for beer and smokes! Hahaha My friend mistakenly says “You guys talk funny” and that triggers an explosion from Uncle John who states firmly, “We talk funny? We talk funny? You talk funny! With your slow ass , iiii waaaannnntttt soooommmmmeeee swweeeeet ttteeeeaaaa ass accent! You talk funny!” We damn near died of hysterical laughter and sleep deprivation silliness right then and there. Best comment of the trip.

The next morning, I wake up in the living room and they are still awake, drinking and smoking and Uncle John says, “Will you go get me another pack of cigarettes?” hahahaha He smoked a whole pack in a few hours. Hilarious.


Neurosis / Jarboe 2004 – So we finally make it to November 28, 2004 Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Neurosis performs and it’s so smokey we can hardly see, a couple of us are way up in the higher placed balcony so we could get the full birds eye view of the screen, band and everything, and as my friend states, everyone in the room must have had 3 cigarettes a piece in their hand. Neurosis plays about 45 minutes, then Jarboe joins the band, they play for about 45 mins, she leaves and the band plays another 45 minutes. It was absolute magic. I met Jason the drummer that night, got a poster signed even though the marker was dried up and snagged a cd by the band Grails. It was a new release on the Neurot label at the time.


Sarah Vaughan 1955 – We hit the local coffee drive through before hitting the road. It was a long adventure already, but we still had a days’ worth to go. We were now tapped of energy, hearts filled with music, lungs filled with smoke and everyone was horse from yelling at the show, yelling at each other and laughing for near 3 days straight.


Grails 2004 – The return back is a bit blurring in my memory but one part that is as clear as if it happened today, I remember crossing over the Tennessee line and asking if anyone wanted to check out the grails album. It was so slow and mellow; We barely made it through it. I still love that record and that foggy memory of the first listen. I think it almost shut us all down. We shook it off and played something else with a bit more energy and powered through. We were close to home!


Johnny Cash 1996 – This is it. We totally feel like we have travelled around the world in 80 days. 

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