Monuments in Ruin – Episode 234 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin – Episode 234 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin – Episode 234 (music podcast)

This week we are digging into some heavy jams that have been released in the modern world. Most everything here was released in 2018 or after. Heavy psych, heavy doom, heavy stoner, heavy heavies! It's all here. Join us on episode 234 of Monuments in Ruin as we worship loud speakers! 

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(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 234 intro
(00:39) Pharlee - Ethereal Woman
(06:07) The Well - Eyes of God
(09:45) Salem's Bend - Spaceduster
(15:04) High Reeper - Die Slow
(20:31) Petyr - Salt Lake
(23:57) The Goners - World of Decay
(28:02) The Death Wheelers - I Tread On Your Grave
(37:03) Black Rainbows - Sunrise
(42:13) Alastor - Your Lives Are Worthless
(51:51) Jack Harlon & the Dead Crows - Ed Parsons
(01:02:52) 1968 - Devilswine
(01:07:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 234 Outro

Did you thing the "Oh God Help Me" was a Black Sabbath tribute lyric?

~  Yes. Clearly Sabbath worship.
~ No. Probably a random lyric with no Sabbath connection. 

Q: What are some of your favorite albums released after 2018? 

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MIR 234 notes 


Pharlee 2019 – Bandcamp says they are based out of Oceanside, California. This record is terrific. Someone grabbing this record on a surprise purchase and hearing it for the first time is gonna melt someone’s mind. I can imagine a few years down the road and a record collector could be digging this out of a dusty garage in a collection of 70’s era rock and prog LPs and not even realize it belongs it the modern age until they read the date stamped on the lp sleeve. These riffs are ripping and the entire album is an strong as the track featured here. This was the song that took me down this week’s musical rabbit hole of heavy jams so extra shout out to Pharlee! Plus, Tee Pee Records always has some great jams on their label that you can count on.


The Well 2019 – The first time I heard this band name I got it confused with a venue in Austin of the same name. It was so funny to me that a friend would say “Have you ever heard of The Well” and I would say “Yeah! I like their band a lot” and they replied, “What? I’m talking about where they are hosting that Texas metal festival.” HAHA , Both the band and the venue are located in Austin, Texas too. Pretty sure that is a total coincidence though. Our band, KOZA, traveled to Texas for that festival. Cool venue for sure and we had fun playing there. I had hoped The Well might have been booked also or maybe playing somewhere close while we were in town, but it didn’t happen. Thankfully we have the records to jam together!


Salems Bend 2019 – They are based out of Los Angeles, California. I believe this is their second album. Both were released on Ripple Music. I really dig the slow bass line that introduces this song and appreciate the way they break out a little speed with the addition of the guitar. Pretty cool and is an unexpected transition for this style of music. Most would expect it to keep going slowly for a while and let the weed smoke fill the room before we get to any vocals. Haha ! This song is probably a lot of fun for this band to play.


High Reeper 2018 - Wilmington Delaware’s High Reeper with the track Die Slow from their 2018 self titled debut on Heavy psych Records. Not to be confused with their follow up release “Higher Reeper” which is also on Heavy Psych. Haha If anyone caught the expanded notes on our web page from episode 233 you may have noticed our road trip extravaganza took us through Delaware, though we did not get to stop. High Reeper is spelled with two E’s, btw. This tune has a really rad, slow, grooving Sabbath style quality to it but in all the good ways. Definitely check out more jams from this record if this is your first listen from the band. 


Petyr 2018 – This is another band from the Oceanside, California area. Must be something special in those waters that makes for more solidified heavy, psychedelic jams. In this case we have the band standing behind the wall of sound and letting the riffs do the talking. This track is all instrumental but never feels like it’s missing anything. This could feel good in a skateboarding video segment, which is no surprise considering it features Riley Hawk who is a pro-skater, He also happened to be related to an extremely well know OG skateboarder. I think you can put two and two together with the last name connection, right? I believe Riley is on the Baker Skateboards team, but he may be on Birdhouse. If so, that would not surprise me at all. This isn’t the first time we have played Petyr on the show, but this is the first time we featured a track from this record. Really solid record released on Outer Battery Records.


Goners 2020 – Mourning spelling with the U. This one is straight forward and exceptional rock and roll or garage rock. I can’t pronounce the city name where the band is from, Eskilstuna, but it is in Sweden. Tt would be fun to see this band play live because this tune really gets my foot tapping. The album art is cool and they apparently have a few ex-members Salem’s Pot and Yvonne. The later I have not heard but intend to dig up soon. This is their debut record on Riding Easy Records, by the way.


Death Wheelers 2018 – I love that big riff that takes us to the end of that tune! Their band camp claims them as Sleaze n roll from the depths of Hell. I know what you are thinking. Are they from Hell, Michigan? A little research led me to Canada, but I could nail down little more info. I did discover that this is their first of two releases on Riding Easy Records. I also discovered they reference their band instruments as “Loud pipes, fender bender, battery acid and tires screeches” which totally made me laugh. Totally matches the overall theme of the release with the loud, instrumental jams and classic hippie motorcycle and graveyard artwork on the album cover.


Black rainbows 2018 – from Roma, Italy. This is one of those moments where it feels like time has slipped away for me. I remember buying this record, staring at the artwork, and really soaking in these jams. Now I’m saying it was 2018 and realizing how long ago that really was. For some reason ever album that has been released since the year 2000 gets referenced as new music to me. Some of those could now be considered classics. Regardless, although it has not been that long, this record does qualify to be a future classic in the heavy, psychedelic, stoner, fuzz or desert rock genre. Whichever you want to nail them down to. Aside from another big riff in this tune, I also enjoy the 5 eyed tiger featured on the album cover. With the snakes and skulls, that is a terrific collage and keeps my eye entertained while I jam the record.


Alastor 2018 – This is another solid doomer from the Swedish side of the globe and brought forth to us by the Riding Easy Records team. Sweden has long been pushing out some of my favorite heavy rock bands. Where bands like Graveyard tackle the heavy rock angle and Opeth master the death metal or prog areas, Alastor steps deeper into the doom and gloom and dips a toe into the occult. There is no compromise though. Some bands clearly use that stuff as a gimmick for attention. Here the band may dabble in that arena, but they maintain a level of excellence that I associate with the artist in their area. It’s easy for me to ignore a band that uses that stuff as a cry for attention. Here, that is not the case, but that theme is pretty clearly represented before you even hear the first note of a song.


Jack Harlon 2018 – This is the debut album from Melbourne, Australia’s Jack Harlon & the Dead Crows on Copper Feast Records. I have never heard of this artist or label before now, but it appears the label has a pretty nice catalog of releases listed on discogs. I can’t wait to dig into those a little further. Who knows where that research could lead us! Also looking forward to a little more research of the Jack Harlon as I see they have another record that came out after this one in 2021 on Psychedelic Salad Records. Clearly these vibes are monstrous and feal like a steamroller cruising out of the speakers. Big sound, heavy delivery and even a little of what I would call a War Pigs shout out lyric when they sing out, “Oh god help me” Did you hear it? Would you agree?


1968 2018 – From the United Kingdom, this is a smooth heavy riff that reminds me of a lost Soundgarden or Kyuss riff. Almost like they had a child and this was the riff. Haha! The unearthing of a grunge era demo or something. Really terrific vocal representation here. Many times over I have had friends say they like the music but the gravelly throated vocals are not their thing. I think this week’s episode was mostly clear of the type of vocal delivery so it’s a great launching pad for any of you listening that may share that opinion.


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