Monuments in Ruin – Episode 237 (music podcast)


Monuments in Ruin – Episode 237 (music podcast)

This episode picks up where we left off in the previous. Fan recommendations for favorite discoveries of 2022! I trust you and now the world will also. You can check our web page for goodies too :) Special thanks to everyone who unknowingly helped me put this playlist together!

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(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 237 intro
(00:36) El Perro - The Mould
(06:14) Brant Bjork - Jungle In The Sound
(10:14) Bjork - Atopos
(15:01) The Boneless Ones - Back To The Grind
(17:45) King's X - Let It Rain
(26:23) Girish and the Chronicles - Primal Desire
(30:16) Chat Pile - Pamela
(35:14) Cigar - These Chances
(37:57) The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Real
(42:49) They Are Gutting A Body Of Water - The Brazil
(01:00:44) Messa - Pilgrim
(01:10:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 237 Outro

Where you surprised by this show?

~  Yep! Glad you took advantage of the groups suggestions.
~ No. I figured you were mining for data, you scumbag.

Q: Was there an artist that you wish had been included in this episode?

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