Monuments in Ruin – Episode 242 (music podcast)


Monuments in Ruin – Episode 242 (music podcast)

More crushing and destroying this week. Heavy music fans rejoice because this batch of tunes can topple buildings, crumble mountains and damn near shatter the earth into pieces. Show timeline is extended a bit because a couple of these tracks are lengthy and we know you like the abuse.

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(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 242 intro
(00:39) Sarin - Cold Open
(05:51) Oryx - Last Breath
(13:50) Yashira - The Constant
(17:01) Age Total - Armure
(35:09) Yarrow - Oceans of Rot
(50:05) Hellish Form - Ache
(56:50) Witching - Witness
(01:06:22) LLNN - Armada
(01:14:05) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 242

Show note: Age Total is a collaboration of the band Endless Floods with other parties. That answers the confusion discussed within the episode. 

We currently live in a world of 3 minute pop songs. How do you feel about songs exceeding the ten minute mark?

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