Monuments in Ruin – Episode 244 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin – Episode 244 (music podcast)

Monuments in Ruin – Episode 244 (music podcast)

This week we are excited to dip into our fan submissions and more! Everything we feature this week, with the exception of our closing tune, was brought to our attention by the bands who interact with us via social media, email or however we connect in these days of endless diversity online. Join us as we celebrate these terrific releases.

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(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 244 intro
(00:39) Rejection Pact - Imperative/Hollow Ethos
(05:27) Dead Sun Rising - Dead Stars Lit Our Path
(10:59) Pharm - Acolyte
(15:40) The Slow Attack - Higher Than This
(23:28) Clouds Taste Satanic - Flames and Demon Drummers
(47:44) What A Waste - So Far Away
(50:13) Leechfeast - Village Creep
(01:01:20) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 244

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EP244 notes

Rejection Pact - Safe Inside Records 2022
Rejection Pact is a hardcore band based out of Boise, Idaho, who play a blend of youth crew  & melodic hardcore punk that is short and sweet with no songs crossing the 2 minute mark. With a strong lyrical focus on political/social issues & personal growth/reflection, they've found comparisons to bands like Suicide File, Go It Alone, Bane, and Allegiance.
Dead Sun Rising  - Self Released ? 2022
They are an atmospheric doom/shoegazy project from Chicago.
 Invisible Oranges - The transitory realm between doom metal and post-metal is a magical one, full of the enchanting possibilities begat by splashing an extra dose of doom into a genre already inspired by it: the only thing better than heavy riffs arrayed into emotional, dynamic arcs is getting more riffs as part of the bargain.
Chicago's Dead Sun Rising started life in this mid-space, with their 2019 Hallowed EP interspersing bloodthirsty sludge riffs with shoegaze-y explorative sections and quiet-to-loud song structures built to shatter cathedrals.
As Above, So Below practices the same alchemy of fusing crushing power with bitter introspection, but it integrates its heavier side more seamlessly, stirring the remorseless morsels into its fluid, emotionally-charged appeal.

Dead Sun Rising has a new EP coming out February 10th
Thank you, Nick
Pharm - Self Released 2022
Progressive Hyper Stoner Rock outfit phrom Kelowna, BC.
From the band, - Contained within is an album with all sorts of twists and turns and interludes and overtures!
We've got Mellotrons, Hammond organs, theremins, glockenspiel, all while keeping it delightfully heavy... picture if BLACK SABBATH made sweet, sweaty, nasty love to RUSH and the resulting child was raised by Mastodon!
~ Outlaws of the Sun states - Vortex is the debut album from Prog Stoner Rockers Pharm who primarily deal in Prog Metal excess rather than the STONER/WEEDIAN Slant their music ultimately includes. The album is bursting at the seams with manic Psychedelic Sounds that has a twinge of FUZZ ROCK and GLOOMY riffs with classic Stoner based vocals.
The Slow Attack - self released single 2022
 The Slow Attack are a four-piece stoner rock band from Chattanooga, TN. rooted in the old-school of big riffs,big amps and dueling guitars.
Thank you to Husky Burnette for sening us that tune. It also states that they have a release coming in 2023.
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC Majestic Mountain Records 2023
Instrumental Post-Doom Quartet Release Tales of Demonic Possession on Majestic Mountain Records
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC have released their eighth album titled Tales Of Demonic Possession. the new record features Progressive Doom born of and inspired by the Pandemic and Yes’s Tales From Topographic Oceans
the band states “We wanted to make a record that felt different, dark, heavy and challenging.  With time to write and create, we wanted to make music that reflected the ambitions of the past, the oppressiveness of the present and the cautious optimism for what comes next.”
Yes’s Tales came at a time when bigger meant better.  Creating works of art that challenged listeners to come along on their journey.  The casual listener was put off by the lack of instant gratification.  Lazy critics who longed for a simpler time used it as a scape goat rather than appreciating it for the masterpiece it was. Those willing to go along for the ride were rewarded with music that gained depth and beauty with each listen.
Fast forward to 2020.  New year, new decade, and the creeping feeling that possession was around every corner.  What would that possession feel like if it ever took hold?  Would possession today be the same as Demonic Possession from years gone by but with a fancy new title?  Bigger would not necessarily be better but it seemed to make more sense.  Why not use the opportunity to reach farther.  The one thing everyone seemed to have was time.  Time to create, time to listen.
So here we are.  Everyone has their own possession story.  Clouds’ story is four sides of vinyl that tells the tale of where they came from, where they are now and the direction they are heading.
the band states  “We wanted to make a triple album but reality set in so we decided to leave that for another day.  If you have some time, come along for the ride.  But don’t fear…it has plenty of riffs.”

CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC was founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 2013 by guitarist Steve Scavuzzo and included members of his former post-rock band, Gatos de Sensi. The idea for Clouds Taste Satanic was to meld the minimalist and heavy approach of bands such as Sleep and Earth with the instrumental and heavy approach of bands such as Pelican and Bongripper. The band’s debut album, To Sleep Beyond the Earth, melded those influences into one 40-minute song that established the band’s place in the doom/stoner community. In every year since, the band has released a new record and has taken great pains to both refine and expand their sound to reach beyond the confines of what is typically considered Doom-style heavy metal.
Thank you for being a friend of the show , Steve. Stoked about this record.
What A Waste -
a punk/hardcore band from New Orleans, Louisiana formed in August, 2021 with members having served time in the NOLA punk/hc/metal scene since the 80's and 90s. Most recent bands being A Hanging, The Pallbearers and AR-15.
They are currently writing material for their full-length. This track was tacken from their 4 song demo.
Thank you for sending this our way, Bobby! at:
Leechfeast - Vendetta Records 2019 (Netherlands)
Slowly stumbling in a procession, picking the falling petals rejected
by wilting flowers that crown your head. Tell me, how long has it been
since you lost your claws? Drowning under waves of condescending voices, sinking in a crowd, yet lonelier than ever. You had grown to like the chronic ache in your back, after all it feels good to have something enduring in a shamelessly temporary world. This fireless grey inferno. Sisyphus sheds a prideful tear as the doppelgänger swings a hammer at your swelling ankle. The clock has lost its mechanic heartbeat - it's not that time stopped - you did.

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