VEP015 Monuments in Ruin Music Show

VEP015 Monuments in Ruin Music Show

VEP015 Pressing Further Into Heavy Music Discovery.
Progressive Death, Doom, Post-Metal, Sludge

VEP015 Monuments in Ruin Music Show

*All tracks featured with permission.

syk - eartHFlesh ( Season of Mist 2024 )
Season of Mist Records:
* Additional Information Below

Kamru - Hexxer ( Self released 2022 )

The Otolith - Andromeda's Wing ( Blues Funeral 2023 )

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Video Production for “eartHFlesh”
Directed and Edited by Stefano Ferrian.
Filmed by Ancellotti Silvano & Vittorio Bottini at MF Old School Production.
Performer: StellaDiPlastica.
"Black Angel Wing" & "Demon's Face" artistic installations by Paola Monfrinotti. 

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