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Monuments in Ruin

Red Necklace - Self Titled CD

Red Necklace - Self Titled CD

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The crushing debut release of Chattanooga's doom mongers RED NECKLACE! Monolithic blackened doom to destroy your mind and reap your soul. The cassette version co-released by Failed Recordings and Inherent Records.

"Red Necklace maintains a style that never blatantly steals from anything I’ve ever heard, which is no easy feat. May the template for a great two piece doom metal band be born."
-Fabricoh Magazine

"Doom’s success is eventually determined by the mood and attitude of its riffs. Red Necklace grazes various subgenres (Sleep’s bouncy, bong-worshipping stoner doom; the texture of Evoken’s foggy, funereal epics; the grimy sludge of NOLA’s various musical outlaws), but emerges from the album with their own stamp on a genre, matching impressive kineticism with riffs that never feel derivative."
-Mister Growl

"Their debut consists of only four tracks, but it's full of some of the heaviest riffs and pounding percussion this side of the Tennessee River. The band...has managed to harness the feral snarl of metal and add their own slow-burn catharsis to the mix. The result is an album that stands up with the best that doom metal has to offer but that also doesn't feel like just another metal record trying too hard to stand on its own."
-The Tape Deck on 

Artwork by Greg Robinson
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