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Terrorizer - DARKER DAYS AHEAD LP (green vinyl)

Terrorizer - DARKER DAYS AHEAD LP (green vinyl)

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"This would mark guitarist Jesse Pintado's final release, as sadly he passed away just two weeks after the album's release."  


metal morbid angel grind grindcore heavy metal napalm death Dortmund 

The year was 1989. Los Angeles’ TERRORIZER release an album and influence a generation of Grindcore bands. That album was “World Downfall”, a blistering assault of pummeling blast beats, searing vocals and war-like guitar rhythms wrapped in the seminal recording of Tampa, Florida’s Morrisound Studios, the recording mecca of the then hot Florida death metal scene. The original band on the early demos was comprised of Nausea members, vocalist Oscar Garcia and guitarist Jesse Pintado (who went on to join Napalm Death), along with bassist Garvey and drummer Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), the band was well-respected in the extreme metal underground. By the time the band was signed by Earache and the album was to be recorded, the band had broken up, and recording sessions were completed with David Vincent (Morbid Angel) on bass guitar. Keeping TERRORIZER’s memory alive, Morbid Angel played songs from “World Downfall” live throughout the next decade. Rumors abounded for as well that TERRORIZER, who had created one perfect, timeless album, would reform refreshing their legacy. That time is now, and the album is “Darker Days Ahead”. Returning to Florida, the band wrote and recorded 11 new pieces and revisited World Downfall’s “Dead Shall Rise,” entitling the new version “Dead Shall Rise V.06,” at Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez’ DOW Studios (Morbid Angel, Christian Death, etc.). A more mature death grind album, “Darker Days Ahead”, is trademarked by Jesse Pintado’s and Tony Norman’s (Morbid Angel, ex-Monstrosity) unmistakably feral sounding guitar tone and Pete Sandoval’s skin-flaying blast beats. Joined by vocalist Anthony Rezhawk (Resistant Culture), who renders an outstanding performance on every level, with Tony Norman doubling his duties on some solid bass playing, TERRORIZER unleash a brutal tempest predicting “Darker Days Ahead”.

This would mark guitarist Jesse Pintado's final release, as sadly he passed away just two weeks after the album's release.


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