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Monuments in Ruin

Village/Divine Circles Split CD

Village/Divine Circles Split CD

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Reissue and remastered from Inherent Records from the sold out tape originally published on the Hooker Vision label.
Artwork by List Nance.

“...opening melodies plucked on a violin are joined by complementary slow guitar riffs that do recall some of the more introspective moments of Godspeed You Black Emperor or even some of Aidan Baker's hypnotic dronework, before either party were to rip into a full-frontal, pathos laden crescendo. Here, Divine Circles keeps their sounds intimate and calm, slowly building the track in the round, with the violinist taking up the bow later on with gorgeous swells of arboreal melodies along with those slow dirgy guitars and some haunted female vocalizations. ” - Aquarius Records
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